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29.11.2023 | Peace and security dialogue, All Publications

The survey was carried out a month after the massacre on October 7.



18.09.2023 | Peace and security dialogue, All Publications

The Mitvim Institute’s Eleventh Annual Public Opinion Survey on Israeli Foreign Policy was conducted in late July 2023.


28.08.2023 | Gender justice, All Publications

A focused, practical booklet with many practical tools that consolidates the election laws for municipal authorities in an accessible and receptive way in the Hebrew and Arabic languages.


01.08.2023 | Shared society, All Publications

Corona crisis, geopolitical crises between Israel and its neighbors, political crises in the country itself: Crises have been omnipresent in the politics of recent years.


30.05.2023 | Gender justice, Social justice, All Publications

The concept of housing affordability refers to the ability of households and individuals to have a quality, stable roof over their head at a price that is reasonable for their income.



24.05.2023 | Shared society, Social justice, All Publications

Ahead of the 2023 Givat Haviva Conference for a Shared Society, a joint survey was conducted for Givat Haviva and the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung under the supervision of Dr. Nohad Ali from the Samuel Neaman Institute for National Policy Research at the Technion and a lecturer at the Western Galilee Academic College among interviewees from the Jewish and Arab communities. The goal of the survey was to get an up-to-date…


10.05.2023 | Israel-German / European relations, All Publications

To be able to reduce greenhouse gas emissions the EU has set itself the goal of increasing the share of renewable energies. To achieve this, however, the current energy infrastructure which relies mainly on the import of fossil fuels must be modernized and expanded.


23.04.2023 | Gender justice, Social justice, All Publications

Affirmative Squatting, Clarice Harboun's groundbreaking book reframes the concept of "invasion" from a criminal legal category to "affirmative squatting", thereby placing the actions of Mizrahi women against eviction from their homes in an alternative framework of the struggle for equality.


03.01.2023 | Labor relations, All Publications

The Covid pandemic and extreme crises that occurred and the ones that may await us in the future focus attention on how economies in Israel and worldwide must organize to continue functioning appropriately in these complex and challenging times.



18.11.2022 | Israel-German / European relations, All Publications

The annual Israeli meeting of the Israeli-European Policy Network (IEPN) in Tel Aviv focused on the challenges and opportunities of the relations between the EU and Israel to jointly advance the green and climate agenda in the Euro-Mediterranean region.



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