The Housing Challenges of Divorced Arab Women in Israel

In recent years, there has been an increase in divorce rates among the Arab population – an increase that raises the demand for housing among divorced Arab women.

A new study by the Adva Center and the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, written by Dr. Fahima Abbas, analyzes the consequences of the housing crisis on divorced Arab women and their ability to obtain housing, owned and rented, based on social status and geographic location. The study also examines the suitability of the government housing programs for the needs of divorced Arab women and presents recommendations for their better adaptation for the needs of these women.

The research shows that the housing barriers for divorced Arab women are the product of a combination of several factors: First, institutionalized discrimination of the Arab minority in the State of Israel, especially in regards to land. Second, a neoliberal economic policy characterized by a withdrawal from government commitment to provide housing solutions. Both the few remaining state solutions in the field of housing and the solutions offered by the private market are not suitable for the characteristics and needs of the Arab citizens. And finally, the patriarchal structure that characterizes Arab society constitutes another difficulty for divorced Arab women.

The conclusion that emerges from this study is that the ability of these women – including those among them who belonged to the middle class before the divorce – to find appropriate housing solutions in the "free market" is extremely limited. Unfortunately, even when they seek assistance from the state authorities, they find it difficult to receive adequate assistance, and many of them therefore deteriorate into poverty and a life of hardship.

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Written by Dr. Fahima Abbas
A joint publication for the Adva Center and the FES Israel
Israel, March 2024

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