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28.08.2023 | Gender justice, All Publications

A focused, practical booklet with many practical tools that consolidates the election laws for municipal authorities in an accessible and receptive way in the Hebrew and Arabic languages.


30.05.2023 | Gender justice, Social justice, All Publications

The concept of housing affordability refers to the ability of households and individuals to have a quality, stable roof over their head at a price that is reasonable for their income.



23.04.2023 | Gender justice, Social justice, All Publications

Affirmative Squatting, Clarice Harboun's groundbreaking book reframes the concept of "invasion" from a criminal legal category to "affirmative squatting", thereby placing the actions of Mizrahi women against eviction from their homes in an alternative framework of the struggle for equality.


04.07.2021 | Gender justice, Social justice, All Publications

The Corona crisis began as a health crisis, but it revealed the weaknesses of Israel’s social, economic, and political systems as well. It found a political system entirely devoid of gender sensitivity. Thus, the decisions made, mainly by men, failed to reflect the needs of women. Moreover, the services essential to coping with the epidemic were under-budgeted and under-staffed. What’s more, the epidemic spotlighted the…


25.02.2021 | Gender justice, Social justice, All Publications

This pioneering report examines for the first time the Israeli film industry from a gender perspective. By doing so, the report joins numerous international research projects dealing with gender disparities in budgets and gender-based partition of work in the film production business – enabling for the first time a comparison between the film industry in Israel and around the world.


30.12.2020 | Peace and security dialogue, Gender justice, All Publications

Although women have always played a central role in peace movements in Israel, they usually did not get „a place around the decision-making table“ and are marginalized in decision-making processes until today.



04.11.2020 | Gender justice, Social justice, All Publications

Can civil society cooperation improve the implementation process?




21.10.2020 | Gender justice, Social justice, All Publications

The corona crisis poses a threat to the advances in gender equality made in recent decades.



25.06.2020 | Gender justice, Social justice, All Publications

The Corona epidemic, which led to a contraction in economic activity, met with already existing social and economic gender inequalities


25.02.2020 | Gender justice, Shared society, All Publications

“The airport was in my childish imagination the perfect junction of life and death. At that place – that is called the terminal as I later learned – it seems that the soul goes through another transformation, taking off shoes and a belt and a jacket in favor of a pass into another world that comes to her. The soul is flying, in paths which were determined for it from the open field, and then experiences an end, another…


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