Affirmative Squatting

Affirmative Squatting, Clarice Harboun's groundbreaking book reframes the concept of "invasion" from a criminal legal category to "affirmative squatting", thereby placing the actions of Mizrahi women against eviction from their homes in an alternative framework of the struggle for equality.

Affirmative Squatting, anchored in the intensifying interdisciplinary research of Mizrahi studies, resolutely dismantles basic assumptions regarding public housing laws, while illustrating the research possibilities of the concept of intersectionality – of class, race, ethnicity, gender and sexuality – for legal studies. The book also reflects the Mizrahi feminist activism of the author herself as an inspiring lawyer who represented squatters and placed these physical acts of resistance in their broad historical context.

Prof. Ella Shohat, New York University, author of the book “Forbidden Reminiscences”

Dr. Clarice Harboun was born in 1974 in a public housing apartment in Ashdod. Sixth daughter to her parents and a single parent to her son. Lecturer in international law, gender studies and Jewish-Moroccan studies and director of the Center for Women's Empowerment at Al- Akhawayn University in Morocco. A graduate of Yale and McGill universities, a lawyer and a Moroccan feminist poet.


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Kav Adom Series – Hakibbutz Hameuchad Publishing House Ltd.
Israel, 2021

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