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19.07.2021 | Social justice, All Publications

Students’ podcast project


05.07.2021 | Social justice, All Publications

The document presents data on some aspects of inequality in Israel during the corona period. It first focuses on three defined population groups: the upper class, the high-tech workers and the small businesses.



04.07.2021 | Gender justice, Social justice, All Publications

The Corona crisis began as a health crisis, but it revealed the weaknesses of Israel’s social, economic, and political systems as well. It found a political system entirely devoid of gender sensitivity. Thus, the decisions made, mainly by men, failed to reflect the needs of women. Moreover, the services essential to coping with the epidemic were under-budgeted and under-staffed. What’s more, the epidemic spotlighted the…


01.07.2021 | Shared society, Social justice, All Publications

02.06.2021 | Peace and security dialogue, All Publications

On June 18 the people of Iran can elect a new president for their country. With this blog, FES aims to host a diverse, multi-faceted debate on this.


14.04.2021 | Peace and security dialogue, All Publications

The Eastern Mediterranean emerged in the last decade as a new focus of Israeli strategic interests. Traditionally, the region was an afterthought in Israeli thinking. It posed no major threat, nor did it hold a significant promise. However, This state of affairs saw a dramatic shift that accelerated in the last decade.



25.02.2021 | Gender justice, Social justice, All Publications

This pioneering report examines for the first time the Israeli film industry from a gender perspective. By doing so, the report joins numerous international research projects dealing with gender disparities in budgets and gender-based partition of work in the film production business – enabling for the first time a comparison between the film industry in Israel and around the world.


02.02.2021 | Peace and security dialogue, Social justice, All Publications

A Policy Paper Based on Deliberations by a Team of Israeli and Palestinian Experts



17.01.2021 | Social justice, All Publications




05.01.2021 | Israel-German / European relations, All Publications

Juliette Maresté describes in this study the history, educational approaches and the context of Israeli memory culture based on four Israeli Shoah museums/institutions. The author analyzes different methods of conveying history in the context of remembrance and examines the political significance of the Shoah in Israeli society.


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