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23.04.2023 | Gender justice, Social justice, All Publications

Affirmative Squatting, Clarice Harboun's groundbreaking book reframes the concept of "invasion" from a criminal legal category to "affirmative squatting", thereby placing the actions of Mizrahi women against eviction from their homes in an alternative framework of the struggle for equality.


03.01.2023 | Labor relations, All Publications

The Covid pandemic and extreme crises that occurred and the ones that may await us in the future focus attention on how economies in Israel and worldwide must organize to continue functioning appropriately in these complex and challenging times.



18.11.2022 | Israel-German / European relations, All Publications

The annual Israeli meeting of the Israeli-European Policy Network (IEPN) in Tel Aviv focused on the challenges and opportunities of the relations between the EU and Israel to jointly advance the green and climate agenda in the Euro-Mediterranean region.



06.11.2022 | Labor relations, All Publications

HaNoar HaOved VeHaLomed Youth Movement (NOAL) in collaboration with FES Israel conducted a public opinion survey among the public engaged in the fields of waitresses, restaurants and food delivery.



12.10.2022 | Peace and security dialogue, All Publications

A new publication about Israeli Foreign Policy in 2022



16.03.2022 | Social justice, All Publications

By applying a phase model for the renewables-based energy transition in the MENA countries to Israel, the study provides a guiding vision to support the strategy development and steering of the energy transition process. The transition towards a renewable-based energy system can reduce import dependencies and increase the energy security in Israel.



16.01.2022 | Social justice, All Publications

This document was written by the Mossawa Center in cooperation with the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung based on information gathered from other organizations and from local councils in preparation for the approval of the State budget for the years 2021-2022 and the new five-year plan for closing the gaps in the financing of services in Arab localities in the years 2022-2026 (government decision 550).



03.01.2022 | Israel-German / European relations, All Publications

This paper analyses and debates the challenges of the EU-Israel economic relations, situating them in their overarching environment of the Eastern Mediterranean. It assesses the impact of this strategy on EU-relations in the context of the Eastern Mediterranean sub-regional cooperation.



22.12.2021 | Labor relations, All Publications

FES Israel and the Israeli Industrial Relations Research Association (IIRRA) in collaboration with the International Labour Organization (ILO) held the IIRRA’s annual conference “Platform Economy / Gig Economy New Challenges for Labour Relations”.



14.11.2021 | Labor relations, All Publications

A new publication by the Macro Center for Political Economics and FES Israel on the subject of a “4 + 1” work model that combines training and work


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